July 05, 2007

Wine CAP

Now this is more like what we expect from the EU that we know and loath, the CAP in full swing. The EU promotes overproduction with no thought to the quality of the product, this inevitably leads to lots of wine that people simply don't want to buy because it isn't very good. So the EU then buys up the surplus to sustain the prices (turning it into industrial alcohol, not that that will affect the taste). Now we get to the final stage of an EU policy, it spends even more money to destroy vineyards to try and force supply and demand to meet at the point it chooses. All in all a series of utterly pointless wastes of money. Had the wine producers had to compete they might have made wine that people actually wanted to drink, and if not then the market would have adjusted itself its the optimum configuration without any need for hand outs or bailouts.


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